Warrior Trials


As the group of intrepid Cub Scout explorers trek through the jungle they come upon a tribal village.


The tribe has been isolated from the outside world for some time and still maintain their tribal culture. Young people have to go through a series of tests to see if they have the required skills to be a jungle warrior and hunter. Dancing and celebration is a key feature of their culture as is hunting and been able to survive in the jungle environment.


Nature is all around them and the tribe are ‘with one’ with this space. They know and understand life in the jungle from the small ants to the dark and dangerous puma that lives within the forest. They hunt to survive and provide food for their families - they do not hunt for sport.


There senses are well tuned to the jungle around them, they are observant with a keen eye to detail and the slightest movement, they have razor sharp hearing and can hear the smallest animals crawling in the undergrowth. Their sense of smell is also well tuned and they can smell any slight change in the jungle from the faint smell of smoke on the wind to the individual smell of animals and humans.


The village welcomes the newcomer and the children play with the Cub Scouts. Friendships are made and over the coming days the Cub Scouts are invited to take part in the Warrior Skills and Warrior Quest event of the tribe. This is a rite of passage event - held yearly by the tribe- when young people can seek to become a warrior. If they pass all of the tests and feats they will have demonstrated that they are no longer children but can now survive in the jungle - they will be warriors.