It is 100 years since Cub Scouting began in 1916, since that time millions of young people have enjoyed the Cubbing experience. In 2016 we are celebrating the Cub Scout Adventure.


The Jamoige Jamboree will, of course be a big event during the year - but celebrating 100 years is an everyday activity for the next year.


Our younger section the Beaver Scouts also have a birthday celebration they are 40 years old - so what an opportunity to celebrate together in your community.


Every Group is part of this celebration and it is an ideal time to show your community Cub Scouting and Beaver Scouting at its best.


A number of activities are suggested. In this celebration resource we present three suggestions.

Bring a Pal Party

A bring a pal - street party or field day in your community. Our suggestions include running a fun ‘Its a knockout’ event or a collection of fun games that can be played by all and allow friendships to be developed.


Jungle Adventure

A Jungle Adventure - linked to the Jungle book. This is ideally a weekend camp for your Pack but can also be a two day activity. We present ideas for the programme to consider with your Pack during your Plan, Do, Review sessions.


Service Project

The third suggestion is for your Pack to take on a community service project - during the year. It will involve some discovery work to find a suitable project, an action phase and of course a celebration phase when you have achieved your objective. We would like to hear all about your efforts and special prizes will be presented to the most outstanding efforts.


So, this resource is only suggesting three ideas but of course your Cub Scouts will come up with thousands of ideas to celebrate - so loads of opportunity to promote Cub Scouting and show your community what can be achieved by young people.


While nest year is a special celebration for Cub Scouts (and Beaver Scouts 40 years) it real is a celebration for the whole Group. Each of the suggested activities will involve some work and it would be a good idea for all Packs to seek the help of the other Sections.






All Scouting is local and as we engage in activities in our communities we allow the general public to see Scouting in action. There will be many young people in your community that would like to be Scouts - but just don’t understand what it is all about and are perhaps a bit afraid to take the first step. Friendship and openness is critical to ensure that everyone is welcome.


The Bring a Pal event is an ideal way to allow interested young people to engage in the fun of Cub Scouting. In this manual you will see a Parent’s Permission Form (photocopy and cut and distribute to your Cub Scouts). This is required to cover insurance etc. and ensure that parents are aware of what is happening. The invitation to attend the party rests, of course with the individual Cub Scouts. In its most basic form - they ask their pals to attend the party as your guest for the afternoon.


The Scout Shop will also have special ‘Celebration ‘ bunting available to decorate your party space.