Warrior Quest


The Warrior Quest is an incident trail whereby the Lodge must work together as a team to overcome all the obstacles and incidents they encounter.


Each incident will have a time limit and need to be arranged in such a way that the don’t create queues. Therefore space them well apart and use natural features such as streams, gullies, rocks and small woods to create atmosphere and games play.


The object in the incident trail is primarily fun but also teamwork. It is not a competition, the Lodges are presented with the problem, they come up with a solution. If they have difficulty then hints and clues and suggestions are made by the base leader.


The easiest way to set up the trail is in a circle which Lodges starting at one base and moving around to each base in turn till they return to their starting point.


The trail is important and should be considered as an obstacle course and a series of incidents/puzzles/challenges. Moving between the bases can include such things as Tarzan swings, walking along logs and climbing over obstacles such as would be found in a commando type course.


Each base should have a time limit of say 15 minutes. So in setting up the incident trail you will need a series of bases and time allowed to travel to each base.


Let’s look at an example - if you have 6 bases of 18 minute duration this is 108 minutes. Then allow 5 minutes to travel between bases that is 30 minutes plus allow another 20 minutes.158 minutes. This is a 2 and a half hour activity period. The bases have an allotted time of 18 minutes - this is comprised of 3 minutes explanation, 15 minutes activity and perhaps some reset time. The incident trail needs to be controlled by either a whistle/horn or perhaps a text message or agreed time-line. If a Lodge is finished their incident before the allotted time they should wait at that base till it is time to move to the next one. If this is done correctly then it is easy to control and also every Lodge has an individual experience and queuing for incidents and even watching an other Lodge doing an incident is avoided.


Warrior Quest suggested activities