Suggested Camp Programme


Friday Night Activity



Saturday Morning activity

Training trail - Becoming a warrior


Backwoods Lunch


Saturday afternoon activity

Incident trail - Warrior Quest


Saturday evening activity

Campfire - Jungle dancing, Jungle drums and beats


Saturday night

Hammock camping


Sunday Morning activity

The Big Hunt (Nature based Scavenger hunt)

To celebrate the 40 years of Beaver Scouting we are presenting here a programme theme based around Warrior Skills. The symbolic framework for Beaver Scouting is set around the activities and adventures of the Tribe.


What is presented here is a collection of ideas and suggestions around the theme of ‘Warrior Skills. A key feature of ONE programme is youth led programme and in creating any programme of celebration, for Beaver Scouting 40 years, is gathering ideas. This resource will be a kick-starter to this process.


It is suggested that Scouters print off this resource and allow your Beaver Scouts to view it and discover some ideas they might like to include in their programme.

The ‘Spider Chart’ is only a first step and can be expanded with little effort to include many more ideas.


The resource sheets will help to fill in some of the detail and provide further information so that meetings and activities can be more fully realised.


In essence the Warrior Skills theme centers around a Warrior Adventure Camp. This would be a two night weekend camp, however it could also be developed as a one day or two separate day activities.

Get some help


It is suggested that each Colony seek the assistance of older scouts from the Scout section and Venture and or Rover Scouts to make this adventure a truly magical experience. Incident bases needs to be set up and manned and the Beaver Scout Scouter team will also have a lot to do to make the camp a success. Planning of course is key and keeping the programme tight and delivered in a safe and enjoyable way is vitally important.