Good deeds and kindness to others

Beaver Scouts should be like watchdogs - constantly on the look out for opportunities to help people. In our communities there exists many potential actions and projects that your Beaver Colony can undertake or be involved in.


Beaver Scouts should be encouraged to do their daily good turn and perhaps keep a log of what they have achieved. Bigger acts of kindness and action will need the whole Colony working as a unit.


What can you do - every community have ‘things that need to be done’. The first step therefore is to identify and find likely and worthwhile actions your Colony could undertake.


An important consideration is the fact that your Beaver Scouts are doing something for other people - a worthwhile good deed or action. Be careful therefore that your Colony are not seen as a collection of ‘slaves’. For example picking up litter might be considered as such a task. People in a community underestimate the potential of young people and ‘litter pickup’ is a handy suggestion but in real terms it has no lasting value for the Beaver Scouts who undertake this activity.


Direct observation and conversations with local community groups and people of all sorts will provide some pointer to what the needs of your community are. Remember also the ‘hidden’ opportunities - such as sick people or old folks.


Once a collection of possible actions are identified you can choose the ‘best one’ for your Pack. All of the Colony should be involved in this decision and planning process.

Some popular ideas that other Packs have completed


  • Taking part in the Peace Light distribution at Christmas
  • Community clean up assisting Tidy Towns Group
  • Helping out at a local campsite
  • Creating Shelter boxes with Rotary Club
  • Creating Shoeboxes with Rotary Clubs
  • Recycling project - collecting batteries
  • Plant a tree or a forest
  • Creating a vegetable plots for old people home
  • Reading newspapers and books for the elderly
  • Exploring local history through old people’s photographs
  • Cleaning up old graveyards
  • Logging information from old gravestone for local history group
  • Collected used books for a book swap project
  • Help out at an animal rescue centre
  • Construct and place bird feeding tables
    in your community
  • Make window boxes to beautify your
  • Talking to lonely people
  • Collect toys for orphans and poor/
    homeless young people
  • Recycle old bicycles for Africa
  • Working with a charity in your community
  • Shovelling snow from a neighbours driveway
  • Set up a share/swap a toy service
  • Help someone learn something
  • Carol Singing for local charity
  • Create a habitat for wildlife
  • Clean up a beach or riverbed
  • Plant trees or wild-flowers.
  • Put on a play at your school, a fair or festival about local environmental or human needs issues.
  • Collect items for a time capsule.
  • Make treats for a local senior home.
  • Collect food, warm clothing, toys, or personal care items for the needy.
  • Participate in a charity walk/run.