The cornerstone of the Beaver Scout 40 year celebration should be the 'Celebration' event.


This will include all the present members of your Colony, of course, but you should also consider recent past members as well.


The bring a pal idea is very simple - each Beaver Scout can bring a pal or friend to the Celebration event. (maybe two, but watch the numbers).


The young person invited will be a Beaver Scout for the event and take part in all the activity.


It is suggested that the event is comprised of a 'its a knockout' type event - with competition based challenges. The 'Its a knockout' poster will provide your Colony with some ideas, but there are many more ideas and games that can be added depending on where you hold the event.


All of the pals/friends will need to have their parents permission to attend and a Parents Permission Form can be seen here and can be downloaded in the downloads area.


The event will also have the usual party items - food and drinks. Special Celebration bunting is also available to purchase from the Scout Shop.


The Bring a Pal element will awaken the desire in young people to join Scouting and it might also be a good idea to have some information about your Pack available for Parents.